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You provide the place and I'll provide the fun!


Make your party a smashing success! I can supply as many different kinds of parties as there are reasons to celebrate. Additionally, I can coordinate the other components of your affair, leaving you only to enjoy yourself.


From a formal anniversary party at a five-star hotel to a backyard blowout, I know how to ensure that your guests have a great time at your customized affair.



The Program


I will personally meet with you prior to the affair to discuss the program and music to ensure the success of the event. I  can provide the following services:


• Appropriate background music for guest arrival.

• A festive grand entrance for your guest of honor(s) .

• Coordination of a receiving line for your guest(s) of honor.

• Introduction of clergy for blessing or invocation.

• Introduction of specified guest for a toast.

• Music of your choosing while your guests dine.

• A special dance for your guest(s) of honor.

• A program of music designed to get your guests dancing.

•A final special song to bring your event to a memorable close.



The Personality


I don't just play music - I'm your Master of Ceremonies, directing the events and energy flow to make sure that your party is perfect. I'm an entertainer, ensuring just the right mix of music and fun. And, along with assistants and dancers, I'm also a party motivator, making sure that your guests join in and are part of the action!



The Music


Of course it's impossible to have everything . . . but I can come very close. My state-of-the art digital music library encompasses tens of thousands of selections covering almost every style of music imaginable.


From big band swing and ballroom for your traditionally-minded guests to group participation songs and the latest chart-topping tunes, I have something for everyone.